Harwtons College Sagamu is a co-educational, full boarding secondary and gender sensitive school. It is a safe, highly secured, fully IT driven, inclusive, green and an apolitical school.
To establish a World Class Secondary School here in Nigeria that can compete favourably with any of its kind anywhere in the world...
Providing relevant education for the youth that would free him, and make the country truly...

Harwtons College Core Values

Strategies have been put in place for the training of the students in acquiring and exhibiting these core values while in the school as a major part of Harwtons Curriculum. It is expected that when these core values are fully developed in the learners, it will help them in providing purposeful, responsible and responsive leadership... Read More

Harwtons College Curriculum (HCC)

Generally, Education in Nigeria stresses high quality results in internal and public examinations. What the students invariably do with these results may be due to happenstance. Harwtons College does not only prepare students for Total Quality Results (TQR) in ALL public examinations (WASSCE, NECO, IGSCE, SAT, TOEFL, etc., the College provides training for Professional, Career and Technical Education. The Career Educationis based on Knowledge Application for stimulating Experiential Learning in the following areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education:

Mechanical (Designs and Fabrications)
Computer (Coding, Hardware Management and Networking)
Auto Mechanic

Woodwork and Furniture


Why Choose Harwtons College?

Entrepreneurial Education

Harwtons College students are specifically trained as entrepreneur while still at Harwtons. They are made to study entrepreneurship in a special subject called Harwtons College-General Studies (HC-GNS)...

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Leadership Education

This is a vital aspect of the Harwtons College Curriculum. Students of Harwtons College are deliberately trained to assume leadership positions and provide qualitative, responsive and responsible leadership in all...

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Sport Development

Sport in Harwtons College is given serious consideration. The arrays of sports facilities in the College coupled with the principle of no shared facilities in sports stresses the importance that is...

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